Agile robots on Mission

Abstract- In this talk, I will give insight into recent activities with the quadrupedal robot ANYmal. I will present results from the first application as autonomous robot on an off-shore platform, in sewer, and for search and rescue. Moreover, I will present a new learning based control approach that significantly increases agility of legged robots and generates unprecedented locomotion skills.

image descriptionMarco Hutter is assistant professor for Robotic Systems at ETH Zurich and co-founder of ANYbotics AG. His research group and the spin-off company are participating in several projects, industrial collaborations, and competitions that target the application of high-mobile autonomous vehicles in challenging environments such as for search and rescue, industrial inspection, or construction operation. Marco’s research interests are in the development of novel machines and actuation concepts together with the underlying control, planning, and optimization algorithms for locomotion and manipulation.